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5 Benefits of Digital Print

By September 19, 2019February 3rd, 2021CDP Design, CDP Technology

Packaging is oftentimes like a storefront—the vehicle through which a consumer views, interacts, or even first comes into contact with your product. In order to create a positive experience for both the consumer and business, packaging is of the utmost importance. Digital print, a direct to board printing solution, is one of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal. It provides many benefits including, but not limited to, color management, supply chain implications, and quality enhancement.

Read on to learn 5 of the most important benefits of digital print.

1 Flexibility

Traditionally, a different label or print plate is needed for each art version, which can drive the cost of a project up by thousands of dollars. By using a digital solution, one may design multiple SKUs without worrying about high production costs. Art can be customized by region, trend, or even by individual with the versioning and variable data capabilities provided by digital printing technology.

Versioning – Different art on the same structure (different “versions” in the same run).

Variable Data – Data based art where each individual piece is differentiated by a barcode, personalization (name, etc), watermark or any other distinct identification (different “data” in the same run).

2 No Print Plates

Although tooling, such as a cutting die, is typically required for high volume digital print jobs, there is no need for print plates as the ink is applied direct to board. The elimination of print plates is not only a major cost reduction, but it also reduces the unnecessary disposal of obsolete plate material into landfills.

3 Brand Experience Implications

Packaging is a critical touchpoint between the brand and the consumer. It creates a first impression and reflects the quality of the product inside—the better looking the package, the more likely it is perceived as high quality. Packaging also provides valuable real estate for additional informative and creative art that inspires the customer.

4 No Obsolescence

Instead of producing high volumes and relying on overrun to carry a company through a season, digital print allows for shorter, on-demand runs. This results in reduced—or even eliminated—waste of inventory items. Digital print gives companies the option to order what they need when they need it.

5 Color Management and Matching

The EFI Nozomi C18000 can accurately match up to 97% of the Pantone gamut, which is a perk for brands with iconic trademarked colors—think Coca Cola, John Deere, and Home Depot. EFI Fiery, the software associated with the Nozomi, also creates color consistency by managing, matching, and/or simulating colors that may not have a specific PMS identification.

Overall, digital print provides an affordable way to get creative with your brand image, all while benefitting your supply chain, and ultimately your customer. To get inspired and learn how to invest in your brand today, visit our website and gallery or contact us at