Graphic Submission Guidelines

We at Complete Design & Packaging are committed to moving your files quickly
and error-free through our facility. Please help us do so by following the
below guidelines for any graphic files submitted to our pre-press department.

All Graphic files should be submitted with the following assets to achieve
the best print quality at Complete Design & Packaging:

  • Graphic file(s) must be at 100% actual size and placed on the print side of
    the correct CAD. It is best to package the graphic files including fonts and links.
    We accept AI, EPS and PDF file formats. Note that we prefer AI files if possible.
  • Resolution of linked files must be no lower than 150 dpi. Make note that enlarging
    linked files in the graphic file may cause the resolution to become too low. If you are fine with a lower resolution, notify our Sales or Customer Service contact and we will make note of this to process your graphics.
  • Fonts should be submitted as TrueType fonts, outlined, or both. Outlined is preferred.
    • The smallest a font can be as a positive is 10pts.
    • The smallest a font can be as a negative is 12pts.

It is best to use thick fonts when printing a negative font so that it stays open and is
easily read. With this is mind, it is also best to refrain from using serif fonts that could
possibly fill in during the print process at the thinner areas of the font design.
See examples below of different fonts.

  • Bleeds need to be 3/8” where possible, including all raster images. Remove graphic
    from tabs or bottoms of structures that do not need to print.
  • Layers within the graphic file should only have the approved graphics and CAD/Dielines supplied.
    Please remove all graphic elements that should not print. Make sure the graphics and
    CAD/Dielines are on separate layers so that the CAD/Dielines does not accidentally print with the graphic. Please make sure all CAD/Dielines are labeled with a distinct spot color
  • Color Matching is best processed if we are supplied with a PMS color. A PMS color
    can only be assigned to vector images. Flat, raster images cannot be assigned a PMS
    color and will print as received. If you have custom colors, please reference a PMS
    color that represents what your custom color should match. Physical swatches may
    be submitted and our prepress team will match to the closest PMS color for you.
  • Line Thickness is best held during the print process with a positive line no thinner
    than 1pt. A negative line will print best at 2pts.